Photo: René Groebli, 1981 - Steff Gruber as cameraman for Isa Hesse's feature film SIREN ISLAND


Lumière means light, and light is what photography is all about. Lumière is also the last name of the two brothers Auguste and Louis who invented various photographic devices at the turn of the last century, including the autochrome plate (1903), which made it possible to reproduce images in color for the first time in the history of photography. They achieved world fame, however, with the invention of the first workable cinematograph, or motion picture film camera, in 1894. On 28 December 1895, they held the first ever screening of a film in front of a paying audience. Pictures were learning to move.
LUMIERE is also the name of the famous French photography and fashion magazine which is known for its iconographic typogram by Serge Luten.

The LUMIERE.GALLERY was set up during the worldwide coronavirus crisis in April 2020. In the spirit of social distancing and bans on public events, LUMIERE.GALLERY is a purely online gallery and was founded by Swiss cultural entrepreneur, filmmaker and photographer Steff Gruber initially to present a planned exhibition of his own work.
Beyond this, Gruber wants LUMIERE.GALLERY to offer other photographers a platform. Both well-known names and young, still undiscovered or little-known artists can present their work here to a wider audience.

Since January 2021, LUMIERE.GALLERY is a subsidiary of the Swiss media company AG

Steff Gruber, 3 April 2020, Zurich, Switzerland